MoveOn.org Letter Call to Action is HUGE

My troll BantheGOP is my collection point for all liberal lunacy fringe correspondence, and it’s usually nothing more than a claptrap of social justice warrior talking points along with the usual plea of three bucks. But Donald Trump has really filled the air with fresh, bloody meat, and these jackals are on top of it immediately.

Dear MoveOn member,

The New York Times just reported that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. After a crushing loss in Indiana last night, Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race, clearing Trump’s path to the nomination. And don’t even think about a “contested” convention—the head of the Republican National Committee is calling Trump the presumptive Republican nominee and asking the party to rally behind him.

This is happening, folks, it’s really, really happening. Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States.

That’s why MoveOn just announced to the media that we’re committed to running a multimillion-dollar campaign to keep Trump out of the White House and to ensure the country rejects his hateful and dangerous rhetoric. But we need your help to make it a reality. Will you chip in $3 to help expose and defeat Donald Trump?

Yes, I’ll make an emergency donation to help expose Donald Trump’s hateful and dangerous rhetoric, and to defeat him in November.

The record of Trump’s outrageous, offensive, and outright un-American comments and actions is a mile long. Encouraging supporters to attack protestors, calling Mexicans “rapists” and women “fat pigs,” just for starters.

But Donald Trump is already making plans to “evolve” into a moderate. If we let him get away with it, then America will be in deep, deep trouble.

With your help, we’ll make sure Trump can’t run away from his record. Here’s how:

  • Research and polling. We’ll work with linguists and pollsters to identify the best ways to talk with voters and potential voters about hate and to motivate them to reject any politician who uses hate speech and incites violence. No one’s done this research yet, so this could be a real contribution to the whole progressive movement.
  • Preparing for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. With Trump as the presumptive nominee, we can expect chaos, or worse. We’re working with Stand Up for Ohio, a coalition of community organizations, unions, students, civil rights groups, and environmental groups, and the 140,000 MoveOn members in Ohio, to organize a massive peaceful day of voter mobilization and registration around the Republican National Convention. We’ll present a clear choice to the country: the chaos and divisiveness of the Republican convention vs the dignity and hopeful vision of Ohio neighbors coming together.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in “free media” coverage through cultural and celebrity outreach. Trump is a master media and social media con artist, whose rise has been fueled by endless free media. We’ll work with artists, Hollywood celebrities, and other cultural influencers to create web videos that will be viewed tens of millions of times—to help turn the tide against hate.

Will you chip in $3 to help stand up to Donald Trump’s hate and make sure he loses by a landslide this November?

Yes, I’ll chip in to help expose—and defeat—Donald Trump.

Thanks for all you do.

—Victoria, Jo, Robert, Bobby, and the rest of the team

The media, of course, will work hand in hand, embedded with MoveOn.org to expose Trump’s dirty little secrets, and to work to associate ALL down-ticket Republicans with Trump.

This is extremely painful to watch. The Trumpbots are mostly responsible for this horrendous mess, and we will be losing the Senate (up from 55% to 90% since Cruz dropped out) as well as much of the house (though hopefully the Freedom Caucus won’t suffer many blows).

The end of the world is upon us, and this is the first major foray by the communists. It won’t be the last.