Countdown to the Trump Media Reversal


It’s that time. The GOP is down to the last man, Kasich notwithstanding, and that means the mainstream media can claim victory for another scalp. With their help and persistence, they helped to rid the GOP of their only main thread, Ted Cruz, by giving Donald Trump 2 billion dollars of free, favorable advertising.

Guess what, Mr. Trump? Those days of free advertising is over. From now through November, you are going to be the subject of the biggest media anal exam of your life. And unlike you, the doctors have YUUUUUGE fists. Lean forward.

Remember those times you could just make a call to Wolf or Major, and instantly CNN dropped whatever they were doing and put their BREAKING NEWS!! Chryon on instant quotes? Your latest “Lyin’ Ted” scree, your ridiculous wall comments, your off-the-cuff foreign policy fiction that sounded like Archie Bunker at the corner bar ‘splainin’ ’bout those Mexicans and Moozlims, and whatnot?

It ain’t gonna happen, dude.

Remember your complaints about the delegates, how the system was “rigged,” which led to the media creating polls on whether it would be fair to win the nomination with just a plurality? And the media covering for you by hounding Cruz like a criminal who, because he did what presidential candidates have done since Honest Abe, which is to woo delegates, but for that he’s treated worse than, say, a guy who defrauded students with a trumped-up (yes, I went there) fake university?

Yep, that’s not happening anymore. But wait, there’s more!

Because now you, Mr. Trump, as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, are about to enter a gauntlet of Hades that you can never imagine. I mentioned your university scandal. Here’s the deal, son. The press has the name of every person, particularly every woman, gay, minority, or otherwise Not White Hetero Male that will now give their sob story to Oprah, the View, 60 minutes, and other sources. You will have the press clamoring for indictments, for perp walks, and for you to wear that orange jumpsuit that should actually be going to your opponent. (And don’t think it will end once you lose the general election by 45 states, but i digress.)

And what will you do? You think the GOP delegate system was rigged? You think the most principled senator in my lifetime is a lyin’ hypocrite? You think that if you start treating Hillary like Ted Cruz or Ben Carson or Marco Rubio, that the press will yuk it up with you and needle Hillary like they did your GOP victims?

The media treated the protester that harangued Cruz like a king. Now, if that same protester went to Hillary and started to harangue her, I guarantee that that protester would be shown as a fool on national TV to be an example of your insipid and baffoonish behavior.

But what’s really going to be interesting is to see your reaction when your primary voters run away from you once the media starts to hone in on your bovine behavior. Oh, many of them won’t really run away, as they were never with you in the first place. They are HILLARY voters who voted you over Cruz because he was the only major GOP candidate who would whip Hillary in the general (if you hadn’t showed up). And the press will make hay of THAT, like they did the 47% comment of Romney, which frankly is peanuts…PEANUTS!!… compared to what they will do with you.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned. Go cry to Hannity or Fox, but keep in mind, real conservatives aren’t watching or listening anymore. And Levin has said you ain’t welcome either. Just sayin.