The Bias Begins: 51% of GOP Prefers Plurality Over Contested Convention

Rasmussen came out with a poll, predictably just as the reality that Donald Trump will not reach 1,237 delegates, but will most probably have the plurality of delegates. The poll indicates that 51% of voters prefer that the candidate with the most delegates, even if not a majority, should be the nominee, while 34% would like to see the top two candidates duke it out via rules that have been in place for 156 years.

51% in GOP Say Candidate Who Enters Convention with Most Delegates Should Be Nominee

When most people read it, they think it’s a reasonable position if they have absolutely no idea how a contested convention works. But here is the way they set up the poll with two questions:

1 Once they get to their party’s national political convention, should state delegates be required to support the candidate they were elected to support, or should they be free to support whichever candidate they choose?

2 What if a political party convenes its national convention and no presidential candidate has enough delegates to be the nominee? What should the party do—let the candidate with the highest number of delegates be the nominee, let the delegates at the convention choose the nominee by voting for whomever they want, or should party leaders pick the candidate?

Notice that there is NO reasoning why any of the above should take place. Look for the leightweight chocker Trump to take this poll and start running with hit, maybe even by tomorrow morning to halt the aftermath of Cruz’s expected victory. We will have to be on our toes to prevent the fallout.