Take that, Donald: Cruz to Keynote Major CA Convention Speech!

Note: This article has been UPDATED. See end of post.

It looks like the GOP in California has decided to signal their preference: Ted Cruz. He is going to be their keynote speaker for the California Republican 2016 Convention Saturday Lunch Banquet on April 30, which is actually a major deal. From the link:

“Senator Cruz is a courageous conservative that has worked hard to reignite the promise of America, restore our Constitution, and defend the values we all hold dear,” said California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte. “I look forward to hearing Ted Cruz speak about the issues that face America today, and the important role that California and our Republican voters will play in the 2016 election cycle.”

“This year the California Republican Party convention will help set the stage for a final GOP primary battle on June 7th,” said California Republican Party Vice Chairman Harmeet K. Dhillon. “I know our Delegates and guests will be just as excited to hear from Senator Cruz as I am in this exciting election year.”

This is indeed exciting news. There are essentially 53 separate races, as each congressional district (CD) is a winner-take-all for 3 delegates apiece. And for the chairman of the CAGOP to come out with a strong, unambiguous encomium for Ted Cruz, and more significantly, not for Donald Trump (or RINO John Kasich) is fantastic news.

The California primary is closed,* restricted to Republicans only, and delegates will be alloted as follows:

  • 3 delegates per CD, 53 CD’s, total 159 delegates. Delegates selected by the presidential candidate with the winning plurality in each district.
  • 10 statewide delegates, selected by the presidential candidate with the most delegates won in the CD’s
  • 3 delegates assigned to CAGOP chair, National Committeeman, and National Committeewoman. While Chairman Brulte appears to be for Cruz, he will most probably go with the majority.

In short, this may look to be a 100+ pickup for Cruz, and hopefully will be the one state that will lock Trump out of the national majority. Or, dare even I hope…it will get Cruz that much closer to the majority himself! Big If…but let’s see what happens.

For now, California looks Golden for Cruz.

UPDATE: RedState diarist sdsali came out with an important post regarding California’s manufactured “water crisis” that dovetails nicely with Cruz’s appearance. If Cruz can effectively communicate to the GOP committee on how his stance on the EPA will greatly help Californians to turn back the Democratic Party-manufactured water crisis, then that will be a YUUUGE plus in solidifying support for the California 53-district Primary. Are you reading this, Jason Johnson?

*Ironically, the CA Democratic primary is open to all voters, in which some GOP’ers may elect to go play Operation Chaos by voting for Bernie. This is great as the only Republicans to do that would have most likely voted for Kasich or Trump, not Cruz.