From Today's Peril: The Path We Must Take

For the first time that I can remember, I’ve had to continually preface my political ideology, conservative, with the adjective rational. For the amount of shock, even betrayal, that I’ve experienced from previously-respected stalwarts of my ideology has been turned asunder in this political season. Much like the word Republican, itself synonymous with bottom-up governance, has morphed into an entity which resembles the Democratic platform and hence has become toxic, while at least the moniker of conservative had been comforting in the fact that we could differentiate between the pretenders and the patriots.

Not anymore. People, websites, even institutions which we previously could have comfortably partnered with in our effort to advance and preserve our Constitutional treasure, our real American legacy, and our gift to humanity, have all gone to the dark side, seemingly overnight. A year ago, could you have imagined Ted Cruz being trashed, dismissed, or otherwise criticized from the viewpoint of the left by the following individuals, websites, or groups, just to name a few?

  • Drudge Report
  • Breitbart
  • Sean Hannity
  • Newsmax
  • Michael Savage
  • Infowars
  • Sarah Palin
  • Jeff Sessions

Obviously, I left out a few; these are just off the top of my head. And for the record, I don’t particularly agree with Infowars or Michael Savage, but at least they didn’t put Cruz and Clinton in the same boat until last year.

So what happened? How can otherwise people and institutions, all of whom we would have normally counted as stalwarts or at least overt practitioners of conservativatism, go wacky all of a sudden?

Ultimately, this isn’t a question of reality, but of character and commitment. When we are all on the same boat as it’s barreling along the north Atlantic, we can heartily agree and pass the drinks. But after the boat hits the iceberg, and everyone panics, we start to see true character of individuals. People whom we would have guessed would have passed their life preservers to women and children decide to keep it for themselves. People whom we would trust give up their seats on the lifeboat for the disabled and the weak are the first to jump in and take hold of the seats.

In the same sense, we have hit the iceberg 8 years ago, and now the sinking has started in earnest. Character has now taken center stage, and we see it in the people who are in it for themselves.

And suddenly, we find our own ranks have depleted, and we find ourselves on the precipice. What can we do?

We fight. We keep on fighting, until we can fight no more. As an ex-military man, I recognize the enemy is not in some far-away land, for he cannot take us down, whether it be a 2-bit dictator like Castro, a 3-bit dictator like Putin, or a group like Isis. The real enemy is in our midst, our communities, even our families. It is hubris, it is idolation of a myth that will actually destroy our American compact.

And the object of idolation? Donald J. Trump.

For we have now gone off the cliff, and we barely have the parts to fix the glider. We have the one individual whom we must, MUST get to the finish line, Ted Cruz. This is a seminal moment in our nation’s history, and dare I say it, the history of this era of humanity, if not the entire race. For it is not about strength of our country, or even of our party or ideology, it entirely relies on the strength of our character to see this through.

Let’s fix the glider. Let’s keep this Titanic, as gargantuan a task it may be, from sinking, and make it thrive once again.

For Washington, for Franklin, for Adams, for Jefferson.

For Hale, for Paine, for Madison, for Hamilton.

For Lincoln, for Tubman, for Henry Ford, and for Coolidge.

For our magnificent WWII generation, for Parks, for King Jr., and for Reagan.

Let’s remake this country, forged through courage and preseverence, from faith and optimism, back to its original state. We have no time left to deviate.

Vote for Ted Cruz. Stump for Ted Cruz. For it’s not about Ted Cruz.

It’s about the survival of America.