Dear Sean: I accept your offer to discuss the issues. Unfortunately, the Trumpsters don't

Dear Sean Hannity:

You have a very popular radio show, so popular I’ve never been able to connect to talk about any issue. So I’ll respond to a particular bugaboo we real, rational conservatives have with you with regard to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

First of all, we have serious issues about a candidate who was running only for himself, and not about the country, despite what he claims. We rational conservatives can read between the lines, especially when the lines between the lines are actually larger than the lines themselves. And Donald J. Trump is NO conservative, based upon his record, his campaign rhetoric, and his proven flip flops.

Donald J. Trump has stated he wants government to control education. He LIKES the programs and wants to make them “better.”

Donald J. Trump has stated he wants government to expand Common Core.

Donald J. Trump has stated he wants to expand health care, by implication at the federal level.

Trump claims he wants a “Constitutional Conservative” as a Supreme Court judge, but also said his sister would make a “terrific Supreme Court pick” even as he doesn’t even know how liberal her sister was. Yes, Sean, her record is on par with Elena Kagen or Sonia Sotomayor.

Finally, Donald J. Trump has stated he wants to get out of NATO, “redo” but NOT repeal the Iran deal, and continue HUD housing at its current levels, but “make it better.” And YOU have the gall of saying that Donald Trump would be better than anyone on the Establishment. You bleat out “You want discord (between Trump and Cruz)? HELLO, President Clinton!”

Keep in mind that Trump has said all of this WITHIN THE LAST SEVEN DAYS. If he says something else, that is not relevant, because he HAS said what I just wrote. You can look at the tape.

Note I didn’t say one word about Trump’s character. Nor of his campaign manager’s antics, nor of the assault on Michelle Fields, nor of the unsolicited tween of Heidi Cruz. Nor of about a dozen other goofy antics that Trump supporters ignore in their idolatory him.

So let’s have this conversation in two years, when Trump’s the president and we have had a slew of 6-3 anti-constitutional Supreme Court decisions. Or if Clinton is president after the press destroys Trump far greater than the anti-Trump contingent are doing now in the rational conservative movement. Warning: We have long memories.

Signed, a rational conservative