Soros company, Smartmatic, Controls 80% of Utah Votes

Get ready for some shenanigans in Utah. Over 80% of all voting is being done on the Internet, using a process contracted to a company called Smartmatic. So why is this issue of concern?

Last July, technical writer C.J. Wilson wrote about the purchase of the company Smartmatic, which had a track record of providing Internet voting in Venezuela (?!!), by a fella named George Soros (Soros operative buys an Election Firm).

Soros operative buys an Election Firm: Smartmatic, SGO, Malloch-Brown

(Excerpt) “Now it is possible that Smartmatic, through some front group, will try to sneak back into the US marketplace, but that would end really badly for them—really badly. But US election officials and government agencies should be on the lookout for this. It’s been tried before.”

Holy vote fraud, Batman! What can go wrong?

Apparently the Utah GOP voters may suspect something…

Utah Republicans Could Challenge Online Voting Record

Nearly 59,000 Utah Republicans have registered to participate in online voting in Tuesday’s GOP presidential caucus, according to the state Republican party.

If more than 80% of those registered to vote online actually cast ballots in Tuesday’s caucuses, the Utah online vote would rank as the largest online vote in a U.S. presidential nominating contest ever.

Utah is conducting one of the largest experiments with online voting in more than a decade, allowing Republicans to cast ballots online in the state’s presidential caucus.

So when Kasich and maybe even Trump come back with larger than expected numbers, one must look very closely at the source.

For the record, I’m not against electronic voting processes, per se. However, the control of these machines, both in manufacture, maintenance, security, and administration of the entire process must be above reproach. A weak link at any of these critical points that can either be exploited, or in fact universally controlled, will have grave implications for the voting process.

While many people are apolitical in their business operations, when there is a history of political hyper-partisan abuse by an entity who also controls the levers of the voting machines, one must question authority. And I trust Soros only as far as I can toss Donald Trump.