Will Castro be our next president? It's possible!

While Raúl Castro has ordered the screws be put on the Cuban dissidents prior to Obama’s “state” visit, many whom may be calling Guantanamo Bay “home” by the end of the year, President Obama has solidified his communist leanings by embracing the murderous Castro regime. 56 years of oppressive behavior will continue with the blessing of the US media and the socialist democrats, and without a conservative in the White House this will continue.

But the Castro whom Obama may favor most does not reside in Cuba. For years, the people who put the Obama quagmire together had been working on several candidates to follow him, either directly or at least in control of the Democrat puppet strings. One such person, of course, is Julián Castro, current Transportation Secretary and presumed running mate of Hillary Clinton, ostentatiously to secure the Latino vote.

In fact, Julián Castro is as every bit as socialist as his namesakes Fidel and Raúl in Cuba. He advocates the current Democrat agenda, the same one as Josef Stalin and Mao Tse Tung espoused, by destroying capitalism and forcing individuals to submit to authority. This is not an exageration. We may not be at the point of death camps yet (thank God for the 2nd Amendment), but make no mistake: Obama, Castro, or name virtually any Democrat would be more at home emulating Kruschnev or Goebbels than they would Reagan or, for that matter, JFK.

Barack Obama is the current tsar of the Democratic Party, and what he wants, he gets. And make no mistake: He does not want Hillary Clinton to follow him in the presidency, as he has little confidence that Hillary will maintain the communist direction that Obama has imposed since 2009. This leads many to a logical question: WHY doesn’t he just authorize the indictment and get Hillary out, and then put in a favored candidate to run?

The answer is utterly diabolical, and politically genius. For better or for worse, Clinton is the best candidate the Democrats have. Obama also knows that Donald Trump may be the GOP nominee, and moreso, that Clinton cleans Trump’s clock out in the battleground states in the general election. The press will have one continuous party bashing Trump, while promoting Clinton, from June to November. Now, if the Democrat nominee were not Clinton, he or she would not have nearly as much “credibility and experience” (as defined by Democrats) to become president.

Now, this is where Obama will make (or already has made) his first “suggestion” to Hillary, at the unsaid threat of siccing Loretta Lynch on her. (Bill Clinton usually makes his own power play at this point, but he doesn’t hold Loretta Lynch’s leash; Obama does.) So Hillary will make her “choice” (or already have made her choice) to “select” the VP, though in reality the pick will be made (or had been made) by Obama. In this case, it has to be Julián Castro.

Sometimes during the campaign, the FBI will recommend that Clinton be indicted. This is highly likely, and to be frank, Obama is counting on it. However, he will at this point take the recommendation for indictment “under advisement with Loretta Lynch and other DOJ consultants.” Of course, he will never “drop” the indictment, even as most people now come to the conclusion that Obama is not going to indict Clinton. This is key.

At this time, Democrats are delighted, Republicans are furious, but with Trump the GOP nominee, there is only so much angst that the republicans can prioritize. Yet even while the polls are being manipulated to put Clinton in the lead by about 20 points, there is still the “hope” that Trump can beat her, using the indictment recommendation as his one-trick pony.

Of course, we know the obvious result: Clinton wins handily. Democrats celebrate, Obama’s legacy and his illegal, destructive executive orders are now solidified in stone, the senate may have flipped from GOP to Democrat as well, Republicans are FURIOUS at Trump, particularly the Trumpbots, but that’s a story for another day. The nightmare has begun, but the real destruction is yet to be unleashed.

For Obama had never allowed Lynch to decline or accept the indictment to this point!

This is key. Now that Hillary is the President-Elect, Obama will let her and Bill have their fun for awhile. Technically, Clinton has not been elected yet. This will come on December 19 when the electors in every state will vote Clinton in. This date is important.

On or about the week prior to the 19th, Loretta Lynch will leak some “alarming details” of the scandal, and it will be rumored she may indict. This will set the seed of Obama’s master stroke, but it is important NOT to indict before the 19th. Of course, the GOP (yes, including yours truly) will be howling in disgust, though nothing could be done, and Clinton will be duly elected on the 19th.

And then, the Christmas Surprise: Loretta Lynch will make the decision that, “because of new damning sources, we regretfully have to indict the President-Elect for the crime of (whatever charges they can throw out at this time). We request the President-Elect’s presence at our headquarters for questioning.”

And now, the Democrats are the ones in chaos, when in fact this helps them. The know-nothing Trumpbots come out of the woodwork, perhaps Trump himself comes out to demand the presidency, but of course his utter lack of any sense of Constitutional knowledge will be his undoing. A week, maybe two weeks go by of hand-wringing by the media sycophants, but on January 10th or thereabouts, the Democratic Party (through Obama’s request, of course) announces the following:

We regret that due to serious nature of the charges resulting in the indictment against Hillary Clinton, she has decided that for the good of the American People, her family, and her commitment to following the rule of law in the United States of America, she will resign her position of the President-Elect, and will not become the next President of the United States.

As a result of her election to the presidency by the delegates of all fifty states and the District of Columbia, by virtue of the 20th Amendment of the United States Constitution, the succession to the President-Elect is the Vice President-Elect, Julián Castro. On January 20, 2017, Julián Castro will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

When this happens, expect the minions to REALLY go ecstatic. After Castro is sworn in, he will nominate a vice president, and if the Republicans still control the Senate (unlikely in a Trump nomination), he and his fellow RINO squishes will capitulate to Julián Castro’s first choice: Elizabeth Warren.

And Clinton? Will she wear the Orange Jumpsuit? Are you kidding?

Though Obama may not like Hillary Clinton, there is still Bill to deal with. Remember, Obama is not done with his post-presidential power play. He will have instructed Julián Castro’s AG to wrap up the Clinton probe quickly. If the Democrats have the senate, or if McConnell and the RINO squishes hold court, they will confirm Castro’s new AG, who will promptly come to a “deal” with Clinton, perhaps a misdemeanor, perhaps a felony. At this point, what difference does it make? Because the final act of this sordid adventure will be for Clinton to be fully pardoned by President Castro, and with Vice President Warren, they will have fully shut the door on America.

Can this nightmare happen? Let’s make it not happen: Get Ted Cruz the 1237 delegates he needs to win the GOP mandate to run!