Why Government Run Healthcare is already a failure- My Dad's story

The following was written by my kid sister, who with my mother has handled the brunt of medical problems my father has dealt with over the last five years and how government run healthcare has affected my family negatively.  They are truly remarkable women.  As I live in CA and they in MA its been hard to help as much as I would like.  We have always been too proud to engage in public requests for help, but with my father’s needs surpassing what he can receive with his healthcare, this was our last hope.  We have already received a ton of donations, if friends could give $5, $10 or whatever they can offer, we’d be able to get my father the in home care he needs.- Thank you for your friendship and support of my father, a truly great man.- Jason

In 2012, more than 84 million people were uninsured or under-insured.   We hear about these people all the time, but what we don’t hear about are the people who pay considerable amounts of money every month on health insurance but due to tragedy or unforeseen medical circumstances are put in a position where they must choose between what’s right for a patient and what the patient’s family can afford.  Hard-working Americans are being screwed everyday as a result of big government, bureaucracy run amok and the attempt to move our society toward universal healthcare.  A “Physician Review Unit” is blindly reading patient charts, making decisions about a person’s care without ever meeting them, seeing them, and with very little information of the patient’s unique situation.  This is appalling and causing people, like my family to figure out how to come up with thousands of dollars to cover the necessary medical resources.  Remember when Sarah Palin was quoted as saying Obamacare would cause “death panels” and everyone laughed at her, well – newsflash – that’s exactly what’s happening!

Don’t believe me?  Let me share a quick story with you.  For nearly four decades, my father has worked hard to provide for his family.  He’s done everything to accomplish the “American Dream.”  But, that dream was quickly taken away from him when his spine began deteriorating.  In five years, he’s had nearly 10 surgeries to resolve the many medical issues he’s been dealing with, most recently undergoing the risky but necessary complete spinal reconstruction.  Now, this isn’t your run of the mill surgery.  It requires two six-hour plus surgeries within a seven day period.  The team of surgeons, who went in through both the back and stomach, essentially gave my father a new spine.  Thanks to technological advancements, this surgery was possible.  But, 75 days later and two additional surgeries to treat serious complications, the insurance company is now telling my father, “you don’t have to go home, but you’ve got to leave here!”  Keep in mind, this determination was made by that “Physician Review Unit” which went through a check list to decide what kind of care he needed.  Of that 12 item check list, my father can do two things on his own, eat and brush his teeth.  Does that sound like a man who is ready to go home to you?  No, it doesn’t and his doctor doesn’t think so either. And yet, that facility tried to get my mother and sister to sign a document saying, should anything happen to my father when he leaves the facility, the rehab center is not responsible.

On top of all of this, my father’s insurance company told my mother to get additional coverage through the government. Not knowing what else to do, my mother inquired about MassHealth (aka Romneycare).  Sure enough, my parents were just above the income limit so they didn’t qualify.  But, lord knows if my mom quit her job, the government would be more than happy to pay for my dad’s medical expenses.  There’s so much wrong with this picture!

Stories like my father’s, and hundreds more, make my blood boil.  We can’t let this government take over our lives!  But, that’s exactly what is happening and will continue to happen if we don’t change the faces in Washington.  If you want to read more about my father’s story and are willing to help, visit this link to read the full story posted by my sister on Give Forward.