It's time to get serious in taking on the MSM

It’s the media stupid.

Consider that with Mitt Romney as our candidate in 2012 we may have had one of the most well rounded candidates of any in the modern Presidential era, especially considering why we need him.  But perhaps just as important in the age of “gotcha” media, the GOP had a morally sound and skeleton free candidate.  Sure I know, Gloria Allred thought she had something on Mitt, the 47% did him no favors, but that was hardly a skeleton. Let’s face it; his assessment of a certain percent of the population never voting for him because they are dependent on government handouts was accurate. I don’t believe even most Dems believed he was talking about the military, disabled, elderly etc.… as they so often insisted.

But to Republicans already thinking about 2016 (as I am) and those who are optimistic about our chances, sorry to be a drag, but with a media working 24/7 for Obama, with folks like Allred, MSNBC and Mother Jones working overtime to find dirt on Mitt and nothing coming up… he still lost.

Look at the incredible list of GOP Governors like Jindal and Walker who will be talked about for 2016, the Senators like Rubio and Paul, the Congressmen like Ryan and Bachmann. We all know someone will be marred in controversy, be it sex, corruption etc.… In the media age we live in, having a Presidential candidate for the Republican party who’s only real controversy was telling the truth, I’m scared to death of what it might be like next time when our guy might not be as squeaky clean. We blew it. Mitt was by no means conservative purity, but few can say he was not as solid of a human being as they come. His worse crime was success, and being a Republican. I think we squandered a major opportunity and I pray it’s not as bad as I think.

But I’ve come to the realization that for all of the rhetoric we hear about “revolutions” and “taking back our country” there is really only one war that I feel must be fought and that is with the main stream media.  I think we can win on ideas if the ideas are properly and accurately communicated. Our candidates have to live up to that too and stop tripping over their own tongues. As conservatives if we want to embrace the right to life as part of our platform, we need to be sure our candidates have a clue how to articulate it.

We can win on values if we don’t expose ourselves to hypocrisy, but despite the brilliant work of Fox News, The Daily Caller, Big Government and Breitbart etc… I truly think we have lost the ability to communicate our values and ideas. So please tell me, what is next? What needs to be done? The Democrats are a formidable opponent on their own, liberalism is destroying our nation and the roots of socialism and communism are very prevalent.

The media is simply out of control and I don’t think we are doing much to stop it. The latest, all jokes aside was a union’s selfishness destroying an iconic American company (Hostess.) Today I received a request to sign a petition to tell Target that they can’t open on Thanksgiving. The media is applauding these efforts; they think Obama posing with a cute face with a gymnast is more important than hearings in to the death of four brave Americans in Benghazi.  Major population centers in the media capital of the world in the Northeast have been ravaged by the same storm that may very well have helped secure the election for a President who has all but ignored the tragedy minus a photo op with a popular member of the Republican party… think for a second it was anything other than just a photo op and I have a bridge still standing for sale.

I feel some conservatives are giving up the fight already. Like those here on Red State, I think the secession idea is nutty, but it’s no crazier than liberals saying they will move to Canada if a Republican is elected. While it is not going to get anywhere and sure, might face ridicule in the media, are we now operating only based on what the MSM deems appropriate dialogue? At the very least, it points out the hypocrisy of the media and the left and every opportunity we can do this must be capitalized on.

I still find it hard to believe there was enough election fraud to sway the election, but was there enough to affect Congressional, Senate, statewide and municipal races? Are we ignoring it because we know the media won’t cover it?

Here in CA, we lost a half dozen races by a point or so… the tax increase via Proposition 30 was going down when we all went to bed, only to pass overnight. Prop 32, major union reform relating to political donations did not pass, despite San Jose and San Diego leading the way in June on pension reform. Remember, these are supposed to be winnable races. Hell even the moderate’s favorite congresswoman, Mary Bono Mack lost, in Republican territory. It’s hard to imagine no fraud of any kind but yet we are told it happens all of the time and it was probably not enough to make a difference. Well, any fraud should be worth investigating, just ask our beloved Congressman Allen West fighting for his political life in Florida.

We have serious problems in our party, but despite all of the “Monday morning quarterbacking” I really thought we had done what was needed to make Obama a one-term President. I didn’t think we’d sweep all of the big Senate races but we should have done better. As one CA leader told me, the DNC may have seen the writing on the wall with Obama possibly going down that they doubled down on their efforts to win House and Senate seats. Praise God the RGA still is leading the way electing outstanding Republican Governors.

As most of my fellow Republican activists in CA are busy plotting for our statewide and county party elections in the New Year, despite the utter shambles we are in here in this once golden state, and I’m engaged too… I’m no longer seeing this battle as one to be fought between two political parties, nor two political trains of thought, nor different value systems.

We now live in a country in which the news is simply what those controlling it want it to be. Sure, an element of factual information remains but I no longer have people telling me they think “such and such” station is the best at reporting the news, it is now about who is “least biased” or who is “least offensive” or who is “least vile.”

My mother and father-in-law, Reagan Democrats, he who served in Vietnam and then on the local police force, neither having voted Democratic party line often in the last three decades still watch the morning shows and the Stephanopoulos, Lauer, Sawyer type news. Though hardly the filth Matthews, Shultz and O’Donnell tend to be, they are hardly bastions of truth telling and fairness.

Calling for a “war on the media” will likely earn me a slap on the wrist from the “mainstream” conservatives I admire greatly… but please tell me, what else is left? If one of the most outstanding leaders, businessmen, executives… and flat out, human beings in this country could not beat arguably the most unqualified, unsuccessful incumbent Presidents in history, we may just have reached that point in which the only fix will be minimize, neutralize or eliminate (figuratively speaking of course) those who have led a multiple decade war on the values that made this country great, the members of the main stream media.