Mitt Romney is now the only choice for 2012

It has never been more obvious. Sanford is gone (I don’t think he had a chance anyway from what I’ve heard from some South Carolinians). Ensign is gone. Huckabee is now a pundit. Jon Huntsman is now the Ambassador to China. Bobby Jindal seems to have no interest in a 2012 presidential run. And now, I agree with Erick: Sarah Palin will not be President in 2012. Tim Pawlenty is the only person I know of that could come close to challenging Romney in the primaries.

Romney is easily the best-positioned, the most well-funded, the most articulate choice we have left for 2012. Those who ridiculed Romney in 2008 must take a second look at him now. Those who refuse will do so at their own peril. No Fred Thompson, no Rudy Giuliani, no Ron Paul or any other dark horse or candidate we beg to come out of the woodwork and save us.

Now let me be clear, I like Sarah Palin. I always have. I think she’s a star of our party. She’s incredibly intelligent, very tenacious and an excellent governor. I do believe this was an unfortunate move for her. But if it was not clear before, it definitely is now: Mitt Romney must be our nominee in 2012.