Listen to the Architect: McCain Should Go with Romney

Once again, I find myself at odds with the Directors. I like Cantor and I personally think he’d be great as a VP, but I don’t know if he’s got enough of the resources or name-recognition that people are looking for. Same for Pawlenty.

Romney, though a staunch rival of McCain in the primaries, was rather gracious in his CPAC concession, which is something McCain might appreciate more than we realize. Plus, Karl Rove, the reason President Bush is still in office, is pushing for Romney.

I don’t think paranoia of Huckabee-frenzied evangelicals be much of a detractor for Romney. Besides, it’d be much better than Ridge or Lieberman. Money could be a two-edged sword for Romney though, considering it would be a tremendous benefit for McCain fundraising-wise and a negative in the “multiple houses” column.

Pawlenty and Cantor are safe bets, sure. Lieberman could pull in the moderates and independents as Dick Morris has suggested, but that would still be a large gamble in and of itself.

However, I find Cantor extremely unlikely (he’s currently around the Carly Fiorina section of InTrade). Pawlenty is roughly as beneficial as Biden is to Obama.

Romney could energize the conservative base like no other. Unless that other is perhaps Fred Thompson, who does not appear to be on any shortlist I’ve seen. So that leaves us with Romney, the best choice for McCain’s running mate.