Wall Street Protestors

It’s amazing what these protestors DON’T understand about freedom and liberty.  It is difficult at best to figure out what it is that they really want because there is no coherent leadership anywhere to be found.  You hear random complaints and the obligatory trashing of Wall Street Fat Cats who get $3 million bonuses.  “Why don’t I get a bonus like that?”  As best we have been able to ascertain, the most consistently voiced “demands” go something like this;

a.        Free Health Care

b.        Free Education and/or the blanket forgiveness of all Student Loan Debt.

c.        A guaranteed “Living Wage” (apparently, ‘to each according to his need, from each according to his abilities’ or a further implication, the Robin Hood theory)

d.        “Green Energy” or the forced abandonment of fossil fuels as a source of energy.

e.        Forgiveness of all debt on a planetary basis, (a significant Anti-Bank sentiment).

f.         An end to Capitalism and exploitation of the poor by the rich (as if these go hand in hand).

AND… by the way, while we’re at it, they would like some sleeping bags so they can be comfortable while protesting… it gets kinda cold at night in New York this time of year.  It is difficult to respond to these demands because the protestors really aren’t looking for answers.  They have their… loosely configured minds made up.

I truly feel sorry for them and the fog they seem to live in.  This skewed reality is the result of an entitlement mentality.  They want something for nothing, for just being alive.  Clearly, if you know anything at all about the state of nature in the real world, you don’t get any heat out of a fireplace until you put tinder and wood and heat together and light a fire.  That takes effort, a certain level of common sense and maybe a little experience.  These ‘children’ have had life handed to them thus far and now that they’re away from home… they’re just waiting around for the dinner to appear on the dining table of life.  What they need is a good 16 week dose of reality in boot camp at Quantico.  They need a couple years of real education in the history and tradition of America.  The Founders were, most of them, self made.  By the age of 16, Thomas Jefferson was enrolled at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Fluent in Latin and Greek, he was reading the Classics in the native languages.  We know what he accomplished in his lifetime.  It didn’t come without pain and significant effort.

Products of today’s failed educational infrastructure, these children are a significant force being manipulated by Socialists who have ‘Transformation of America’ in mind.  It may be too late to reclaim them from the literal destruction of their good senses, but it is NOT too late for us to wake up and connect the dots.  Never in the history of this nation have we faced a more sever challenge to our way of life and never have we had such a complicit Federal Government.

Just as the “Arab Spring” was lauded by President Obama as the good thing to be encouraged, these latest protests will be ignored for a short time in the public persona and encouraged behind the scenes… until they need to be dealt with on a grand scale by invoking martial law.  The time required to get from A to B may or may not be drawn out.  It, in fact may be a fairly short time.