Antoher win for political correctness

I’m torn up about what happened at UT-Austin today; but the real tragedy today is that it’s going to put wind in the sails of the PC thugs in the media who are going to tell us that, somehow, preventing Auntie Edna from protecting herself with a Glock is going to keep a psychopath from attempting a murderous rampage on a college campus.  You know, I WISH I were so nihilistic as to believe there was some magic link there, that if I just hoped and changed hard enough, I could see the connection between stomping on the freedom of lawful citizens and deterring murderers.

What REALLY gets me going, though, is that John Lott, one of the most reasonable and well-respected economists in the world, was forced to cancel his seminar tonight at the UT law school on his seminal work, “More Guns, Less Crime”.  Explain this one to me, because I’m apparently not as bright as the geniuses running UT.  Here is someone with a SOLUTION to the problem that JUST reared its head hours ago, and we’re turning him away out of fear of offending the feminazimetrosexual hippies in Austin.

Prof. Lott’s research shows, in a way that is not open to debate by intelligent people without an agenda, that locations in which a higher fraction of citizens carry guns have less crime.  Less violence.  Lott uses game theory to explain why.  Imagine you’re considering committing a gun crime; there are two locations in which you can do so, one which allows concealed carry, one which does not.  You know there are no law-abiding armed citizens in the latter location; there may be in the former.  Where do you go?

College campus are in dire need of good conservative voices.  Dr. Lott is as good as they come, and they turn him away out of PC fear.  When the message he had for the UT campus is EXACTLY what they needed to hear tonight.  If I were a UT student or faculty member (and thank God I’m not!) I would take my business elsewhere, to a place that respects my freedom to defend myself.  ONE armed citizen near this idiot this morning, and this all could have been prevented.