RedState Endorses Hillary Clinton

The #neverTrump attitude of this website seems to over shadow #neverHillary. I find it so disappointing this blog would essentially discourage conservatives for voting for Trump, and, by doing so, handing the election to Hillary.

I find the minutia (that is picking fly crap from pepper) this site goes to in its #neverTrump posts just ridiculous and absurd. Suddenly, to be quoting all sorts of RINOs, the New York Times, Washington Post, et.al., is so incoherent and obtuse. There are people here totally missing the point. Hillary cannot be elected if the republic is to survive. If not Trump, who else is there?

Let’s say the establishment takes it away from Trump at the convention. Well, that is going to upset a lot of Trump supporters who WILL sit on their hands and stay home. What about a 3rd or 4th party run? Gary Johnson is a loon, not worth the time of day and let’s leave it at that. At best, a third/fourth party will get maybe 5% of the vote. You might even feel good about it at the ballot box until Hillary wins. I guarantee after 4 years of Hillary, you won’t feel good about it anymore. Plus we’ll pay for it for another 20 years after she packs the Supreme Court with far left liberals. (and no, the Senate will not stop her nominees even if it’s still Republican)

There are a lot of people here who need to get off their high horse and deal with what is. Is it optimal for conservatives? Nope. Do we quit? Nope. Do we let the liberal Democrats win? Nope. America is on the brink, you can save it or you can kill it. Choose wisely.