Be Careful what You Wish For (You Might Get It)

I have been extremely disappointed with RedState as of late. As a Cruz supporter, that was a hard loss to take, but, let’s face it, he lost. It’s over an no amount of crying or disparaging Trump is going to being Ted back. The only choice here is #neverHillary, which is what is likely to happen if this #neverTrump malarkey doesn’t cease and desist.

If Hillary is elected she will tip the Supreme court to the left and it will not be repairable for a generation. There will be no fixing that because after we lose our right to protect ourselves and our right to speak freely is abolished, who in the world is going to be around to change it back? It will be gone not just for a generation, but forever. My children will be forced to live in a world where opportunity will be scarce and liberty will not exist. For me, that is far too much to bear. However, that will be the price of #neverTrump. I ask you sincerely, is that a price you are willing to pay?

A 3rd party isn’t going to cut it either. A boost due to the circumstances is not going to be enough to make them a potential winner. Do you really want to support a pothead, open borders semi isolationist jacka$$? Get real here.

Lookit, for all these years since the TEA Party movement got started we have worked for an anti-establishment candidate, who was not a RINO, to come along and take down the political class. Ideally, we wanted someone who was not PC, who played to win, and was a strong constitutionalist. Well, we got 2 out of 3. Ted played the game too close to the vest, but in the end he was not enough of a firebrand to get the traction he needed to overcome Trump. Lesson learned. However, there won’t be a next time if Hillary wins. The next president likely gets 3 Supreme court nominees. You know what Hillary will do with that.

Conservatism is not yet dead. There are many of us who understand it and can explain it. We can continue to push for candidates who will express it and we can get better at playing the game. We almost got there this time, but, again I warn you, we will not get another chance is Hillary is elected.

#neverTrump has to die. Especially, now that it’s quoting the RINOs who we despise to make their points against Trump in the first place. People, we must surely all hang together or we will all hang separately.