Why I Won't Vote for a Democrat

I’ve gotten a lot of crap from friends and family for saying I WILL NOT VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT. I always get the response of “You should vote for the best candidate.” My response to that is, I do. Let me explain.

Part of understanding who a person is has a lot to do with who they associate with. For example, if you are an honest, law abiding person, with integrity your friends and close associates are not going to be thieves, rapists and murders. Well, wait you say, what about police offers? Yes the police are around those kinds of people all the time, but they are not their associates or friends. Looking at it another way, Jesus surrounded taught and evangelized to people in all walks of life, but he surrounded himself with his disciples. 1 Corinthians is pretty clear about associations.

The way I see it, if you run for elected office at any level and you run as a democrat, you are associated to the party of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, et. al. All of these people running the party are socialists, leftists, communists who have no respect for our constitution, our founding principles or the rule of law. You could be the nicest, most honest and caring person in the world, but I would have to question your judgement if you associated yourself with the current democrat party. There is no amount of spin that would explain that to me. Plus, we have seen over and over how “blue dog” democrats are corrupted from their principles when they are needed for an important vote. The party holds the purse strings, you are beholden to the party.

I know this seems to be a partisan way to think about this. However, it would not be if the democrats actually supported the constitution. Right now they don’t. Their lack of respect for the institutions that have made this country great gives me pause.

So, I vote for the best available candidate. Right now, for the reasons I listed, that will not be a democrat.