Did Bob Beckel Admit to Voter Fraud in Fairfax County

I was watching the election results on Fox and, of course, everyone was watching Virginia closely. Gillespie being ahead most of the night was a surprise. Man, the polls were way off on that one. Then in the middle of all that Bechel pipes up and says something like Fairfax county was only reporting 40% and that they would find the votes to put Warner over the top. What?

That’s not a pure admission of voter fraud, but it kind of makes you wonder. Step back a year to the governor’s race and the same thing happened to Ken Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli didn’t end up as close as he never built the lead in the rest of the state that Gillespie had; however, it was Fairfax county that put McAuliffe over the top. It makes you wonder if they are holding on to their vote tallies there to see what they need to win. Things that make you go hmmm.

Fairfax county is the VA county next to DC containing Alexandria, Arlington, Tyson’s Corner, Vienna, etc. There are a lot of federal workers there and they do tend to vote democrat. Working in NOVA, I know. Even one of the guys I know who leans republican voted for Warner because Gillespie was a lawyer for Enron. Well so much for being logical. Still – how Fairfax county handles their returns smells fishy.

I hope Gillespie runs a recount and I hope the votes are scoured for irregularities. Makes me wonder if this was a test to see if they could swing the state for Hillary in ’16. Maybe the rest of the counties in the state, particularly the red counties should slow down their counts and reporting waiting until Fairfax is 100% in. At least that way they won’t know how many votes they need to manufacture.