John Foust is that all you Got?

Working in NOVA I get to see some pretty interesting ads during the political season. John Faust wasted no time in bringing up the war on women in his latest ad against Barbara Comstock. Personally I believe the ad is lame on so many points.

One – no one elected to congress is going to overturn Roe v. Wade. The courts have decided and it will be the courts that change it. You can be pro life all you want (and I am) and it won’t matter. It’s a non issue that Dems keep making an issue. Maybe that needs to be pointed out.

Two, the Senate confirms judges, not congressmen, so the house can’t influence the courts anyway. Wrong on 2 counts Frank.

Three, if all you can appeal to is single issue women voters who are confused about the war on women and that’s your winning ad, you’re losing. You’re missing the economy, immigration, Ebola epidemic, the war on terror and the rise of ISIS (ISIL) or whatever it’s called.

Lastly, the lady in your ad comes off as very closed minded. Her “That’s all I need to know” statement shows the her lack of depth. I guess that’s your base. I guess you all can fiddle while Rome burns.

The sad part is this might work. NOVA voters are decidedly liberal, but the people I work with do listen to reason properly presented. Then again, those people aren’t average, but in the end I suspect many of them vote without thinking.

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