The Long Knives are Out for NASCAR

Last week we learned the investigation into Kevin Wards death was completed by the Ontario Sheriff’s office and turned over to the DA. Today we learned the DA is taking the case to the Grand Jury. In some states it’s necessary to take any case involving a death to the Grand Jury, but that is not the case in NY. So what gives?

First of all 4 weeks to investigate a racing accident is a long time. I am pretty sure there were at least 2 forces at work here. The first is CYA and the second would be political pressure to damage the NASCAR brand by taking down one of it’s stars. Secondly, any DA worth his salt could get a ham sandwich indited by a grand jury. The lame stream media is all over this today and, as usual, have already convicted Stewart. All they need now is the perp walk.

Lookit, we have a DA, in a liberal state, and, while he may or may not have had an agenda, is taking his time, dotting the eyes and crossing the ts, to make sure he has his behind covered and I suspect he’s getting pressure from above for political purposes. When the DA goes to the grand jury he can present only the parts of the case he wants and I believe there will be an indictment. The problems he’s going to have at trail is that he’s not going to be able to prove his case. You can bet the farm that there is a lack of evidence to convict Stewart and that Stewart’s lawyers know as much as the DA or more, so if he fails to turn over evidence in discovery the DA is going to have a problem.

I don’t have the all the facts, but I do know Kevin Ward, bless his soul, got out of his car and tried to play chicken with Tony Stewart. It was a young, impassioned, foolish act that resulted in a tragedy. Some mistakes we only get to make once and I am sorry for his family’s loss.

The bottom line on all this is to create a wedge between NASCAR and some of it’s fans. I still think libs have never forgot FLOTUS and SLOTUS getting booed roundly at the 2012 Daytona 500. basically, the LSM wants to do to NASCAR what they have done to the NFL. I think on the end what you will see is big differences in how NASCAR and the NFL handle the situation. The NFL is trying to play nice and they are getting creamed. I doubt NASCAR does the same and, in the end, I think we are going to see a spectacular failure on the part of the Ontario DA should he indite Stewart. I know Kevin’s father wants justice; however this is one sleeping dog best left alone.