We are so Misinformed

I’m watching a movie when they start talking about right wing Nazi’s. Yeah, I’ve been sucked into this too; however, the truth is the Nazi’s were left wing socialists. What’s happened, over time is that Nazi and right wing have been wrongly associated together and, if you ask the dumb masses, they will tell you conservatives are Nazis. It’s a schema burned into their brains by hundreds of hours of conditioning and a party too scared to refute it.

Let’s look at some of the facts. Nazi translated is the National Socialist Party. Socialists believe in big government and government control of the economy and the people which is the opposite of freedom and liberty. They controlled the press and used misinformation to manipulate the people. Eventually, the truth won out, but how many people had to die to discover it. Everyone talks about German efficiency, but we won the war because capitalism could out produce a socialist economy. There were a host of other reasons too, but the point is German policies in WWII basically shot themselves in the foot.

The Nazis exterminated those who opposed them. They made the Jews their scapegoats and ginned up hatred towards them. It’s not unlike the war on Christians and Jews at the present and the genocide no different than the pro-choicers committing infanticide. The current administration supports thugs while denegrating the good people who make this country work and thrive.

My last point is the Nazi’s disarmed the people to make them “safe”. Once that was done, resistance was futile. Then they were free to pursue what ever course they wanted without worry of revolution. It is the ultimate in hypocrisy that those who have their own armed security teams do not want the average person to be able to protect themselves.

Conservatives are freedom loving people who believe in live and let live. The liberal socialists in this country are pursuing the same course as the Nazis. It is past time that we accept the moniker of of being called Nazis because we have conservative views. The liberal/socialists in the country are the Nazis and it’s high time they were identified as such.

The sad part in all this is the Republican Establishment let this happen. They are too busy trying to be nice guys to say something perceived to be mean because they are afraid to lose votes. The truth is, they’ve been giving away theirs votes one at a time for years because they won’t confront the reality that they are playing against an evil ideology that never sleeps. Time to stop playing defense and giving it away a yard at a time and go on offense. We can start by calling the libs what they are. Socialists, communists and Nazis with the explanation of why.