Standoff in Nevada

At first glance the standoff in Nevada looks like a legal dispute between the BLM and a rancher.  They went to court and the rancher lost.  Now he looks to be a stubborn man who won’t respect the court’s ruling.  At least that’s the story the lame stream media wants to tell, another Tea Party person gone off the rails.  But, with many things, it’s not as simple as it seems.

First of all the BLM changed the boundaries a few years ago.  That’s an issue all unto itself as once again a regulatory agency under the executive branch makes law usurping congress.  (or did congress abdicate their responsibility?)  Now, the Feds are trying to prove what many of us suspect to be true, the militarization of law enforcement.  That and that alone is not good PR, and the longer this goes the worse it gets.

Now on top of all this it may be that Harry Reid  may be involved.  (Imagine that)  Infowars is reporting he made a deal with the Chinese for a portion of the land and he made a deal with the BLM to change the boundaries to get the rancher’s cattle off the land.  Of course Reid is not directly involved, it’s a former aide who works for Dept of the Interior.  Still the connection is there.

The media will probably in full spin mode.  Joseph Goebbels would be proud.