Michael Wiener (Savage), How's that New Time Slot Working out for You?

I have to say I have only listened to his show sporadically and I have always thought he was out there with the kook fringe. However, now he’s on at 3:00pm Eastern and he displaced Sean Hannity, which is a shame. He’s not even in the same league. Today, however, he lost me completely and for good and I no longer will intentionally listen to this over the top noisemaker.

Why? Today I heard Michael Savage come out in favor of gun free zones in theaters just because some nut job went too far in an argument over civility. Lack of civility and manners these days is another issue, it’s not a reason to shoot someone. It’s also not a reason to create another gun free victim zone.

Savage brought up the CO theater shooting as an example of how metal detectors could have stopped that shooting. Well for one it would not have because the perp propped open an exit door, went to his car to get his rifle, and came back in the propped open exit door. A metal detector would not have stopped him.

In this case my understanding is the perp is a retired police officer. He can carry anywhere including gun free victim zones, so, again, that would not have stopped him.

So, you expose your support of freedom, but you would take one away? Why stop there, if you would advocate taking away one freedom, why not another. like free speech or freedom of religion. AS far as I am concerned you can take your conspiratorial crap and go crawl back in the hole you came out of. All you are capable of doing is pulling conservatives apart at a time when we desperately need to pull together. In spite of what you think you are, you are not the voice of reason in my opinion and I am finished with you for good.