Jennifer Wexton is a Worthless Life Support System for a Sphincter

Really Jennifer? You think running as an anti Tea Party candidate, that you are actually going to define the Tea Party with your ads. You have no idea what the Tea Party is all about.

If you were asked if you support the Constitution Jennifer, what would your answer be? How about the greatness of the founders and how this country has been exceptional because of the principals this country was founded on. How about respecting the rule of law, after all, you are a lawyer Jennifer.

Apparently, all you know about the Tea Party is what you hear from your fellow liberals and apparently you think it’s enough to mis-characterize the Tea Party to gain a few votes. Lady, you have no clue who we are and I know you are just repeating the talking points as they have been given to you. Good luck.

You have a pretty good chance of replacing Mark Herring and I am sure you might. It is unfortunate for the people of Loudoun County that you would represent them, but …

I am sure this will be hailed as a great strategy for other Dems to follow if it works. Campaign as anti Tea Party to win.

Actually, I think it’s a sign we are winning and they are afraid. Why denigrate good people they don’t really even know if they weren’t scared.