What We're up Against.

A young man, who married one of my nieces, has railed against Obamacare and now is railing against Obama just posted he supports Hillary in 2016. What?

You, me and most conservatives see this as flawed logic. Unfortunately, I believe it’s a result of the full court press of the left to define conservatives and Republicans as evil. IMHO, this as nothing more than the failure of the GOP and conservatives to get out their message and define Democrats and the liberal left.

Now, I think this perception can be countered, but the question is will it. It’s going to take a lot of adds and airtime to change these perceptions. Basically, we need to define who and what the left is, particularly Hillary. Otherwise, the perception is she’s the smartest woman in the world and she knows best. Until people realize she’s no different from Obama, the average voter will not make the distinction that they are really the same.