Libertarians for Socialism/Communism in Virginia and Yes I Was Right About Establishment GOP RINOs wanting Cuccinelli to Lose.

With the governors race tightening up here in VA and looking at the polling roll ups in Real Clear politics, I have to say that if Cuccinelli loses this election it WILL be on the hands of the Libertarians. The 7-8% of the vote they are polling is enough to make the difference for Cuccinelli. If Cuccinelli loses this I would ask anyone who voted for Sarvis how it felt to help elect a socialist/communist like McCulliffe.

One of my main issues with Libertarians is the condidates they usually select are not vetted very well. All you need to know about Sarvis is here: http://www.redstate.com/2013/10/31/robert-sarvis-mileage-tax-chips-ken-cuccinelli-libertarian-virginia/ The bottom line is Sarvis is a liberal in Libertarian clothing and libertarians who vote for him are not friends of freedom and liberty.

Last week I made a claim that I did not think the GOP establishment wanted Cuccinelli to win. http://www.redstate.com/golfermike/2013/10/29/virginia-terry-mcculliffe-and-gop-bungling/ Well, now Mark Levin is saying it too. http://spectator.org/blog/2013/11/04/levin-rinos-rove-push-for-mcau This is the kind of thing that has to make you wonder what the people running the GOP and controlling the purse strings are thinking. I think they were all happy for the Tea Party support in 2010, but, since then, I really think they just want us to all go away. I mean look at Mitch McConnell and how he’s threatening companies that help with conservatives campaigns.

Look, the bottom line is politics is winning. People who think their vote is heard when it goes to a loser are about 30 years behind the times. The Democrat part figured out during the Bush years that it didn’t matter what other people think as long as you build a majority coalition and keep it together at any cost. If they win a race with under 50% of the vote, it doesn’t matter, they won.

Now I have no problem voting for a 3rd party when the Republicans put up a substandard candidate and a conservative 3rd party candidate explains who he is and can back it up. I also would not have a problem voting for a true Libertarian even though I am a conservative if he/she was the best choice. The thing is, in this case, Sarvis isn’t it. A vote for Sarvis is just like sitting on your thumbs and letting the socialist/communist win. It won’t matter much to say you voted you conscience while the last of your freedoms are taken away. I’m sure we will all thank you for sticking to you principles.