Virginia, Terry McCulliffe and GOP Bungling

I was listening to WMAL on the way into work this morning as they discussed the VA gubernatorial campaign. Two things are clear, Cucinelli’s team ran a terrible campaign and they are in trouble.

McCulliffe and co. are running exactly the same campaign I saw in 2012 in Ohio for the presidential and senatorial elections. 1. Attack early and disqualify your opponent. 2. Step on their neck and never give them a chance to recover.

The GOP response is we’ll wait until the end, run some attack ads and maybe one or 2 positive asd and then give up.

It’s clear the GOP has given up. What was most telling is a caller explaining the the GOP told Cuccinelli’s campaign they had to give money to the other campaigns. In other words, faced with a hard choice the GOP RINOs decided to fold.

One thing is clear, the GOP does not know how to win a well financed liberal campaign and they do not understand human nature. People do not remember good things people do, but the do remember the bad. As we used to say, do 10 good things and you’s get an Atta boy/girl. One bad thing and you had to give it back. First of all you HAVE to be first to define your opponent and put them on the defensive. Done correctly, it puts them in a defensive position. In the last 3 weeks of an election it’s too late. People already know who they aren’t going to vote for.

So, Cuccinelli gets painted as a women hating control freak who wants to own their uterus when the reality is he can’t do or accomplish the claims McCulliffe has made against him. In the meantime MCCulliffe and his ilk really do want to get between you and your doctor and your insurance. They want to get between you and the right to defend yourself and the right to freely express yourself. McCulliffe rails against the corruption in the current Governors office that is a couple thousand $$, but people ignore the millions of dollars of corruption that WILL exist if MCCulliffe is elected.

So, why is Cuccinelli, a guy who should be easily electable running such a poor campaign? I believe it’s because the RINOs on the GOP are pulling the strings. Personally I think at this point the GOP would rather lose than elect another true conservative. This is the RINOs digging in and protecting their turf even if it’s a losing battle for the GOP in the short and long run. Unfortunately, the RINOs are entrenched and aren’t going to let go without a fight. The sad part is they could stop this nonsense and save America. By hanging on and not fighting the true enemy they may have ensured the destruction of our way of life the the future for out children.

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