If the US Defaults, it's Obama's Fault

The mainstream media, the house organs of the Democrat party, are screaming that we are going to default. Once again this is a lie. It is up to the executive branch to show some leadership and allocate the funds, paying interest on the debt is something the president is required to do by law. I’m not going to repeat the numbers here, they are out there and you can look it up.

The real issue is that our president wants to vote present and blame it on someone else. It is a true lack of leadership on his part to not take responsibility for his actions. That he blames it on the Republicans reminds me of a mafia boss demanding to be paid for protection. i.e. If you don’t pay it’s your fault you get hurt. This also explains why he wants to make the shutdown as painful as possible on the American people.

It’s too bad Republicans are going to cave. I truly believe the longer this went on the more the veneer would have been stripped away and the true Obama would have emerged to the masses (yes the dumb masses).

So it looks like I’ll probably go back to work in a day or 2, not that it matters in the overall scheme of things. I’ll remember who fought and who caved. I do keep score. Looking at how all this played out I believe Boehner and McConnell had planned to cave from the get go and they got caught by the conservative Tea Party uprising. It is clear to me it was never their strategy to fight and they were forced into it by their base. The good news for us, if there is any good news in this, is we forced the RINOs to change their strategy. I think the GOP establishment keeps hoping we’ll go away, but the evidence is we are growing and getting stronger. We are here, we are entrenched and we aren’t going away anytime soon.