And so it goes

Status update: As you may or may not know, I have been affected by the government shutdown. The good news is my company stepped up and gave us an overhead number to charge against for this week. Next week it looks like I have to start burning vacation. That’s gonna last about another week and a half, after that it’s leave without pay. Just in time for the debt ceiling deadline to hit. I should know more by the end of the day. In any case I’ll be fine.

That said, I stand in opposition to Obamacare and I am afraid, like the other government programs that have gone before it, once it gets a foot hold, we’ll never get rid of it. For those who say it will die under it’s own weight, all I can say is that you must not be students of history. That has been said about many problems before and the programs are still here.

I believe it was Jefferson who said it was the power of congress to control the purse strings. Now that they are actually exercising that power it’s unAmerican? Obama says he won’t negotiate with a gun pointed at the heads of the American people. Dang it Obama, you’re the one holding the gun.

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