Good News, Bad News

The good news is Republicans may have found their spine finally. The bad news for me, being an evil government contractor, is it’s looking like I’ll be furloughed Tuesday. I can take it, I’ll be fine.

The truth is this CR fully funds the government and delays Obama care for a year. The Democrats are the obstructionists here who won’t compromise or work with Republicans. That’s not the message that the lame stream media will put out, but, if the stuck with this long enough, it is the message that will get out. I don’t know how long the Republican caucus will hold out. I would hope long enough to get the other side to blink. Long enough to see the libtards lose their composure and for more people to discover who they are.

I think it’s time to call my libtard senator’s office (The Dishonorable Sen. Brown) and ask them why they are being obstructionists and why they aren’t interested in bipartisan compromise. Maybe ask them why they hate women, old people and the military while I’m at it. Could be fun.