This Doesn't Add Up

I was listening to the news today about the DC Navy Yard shooter and I heard a lot of stuff I’m not sure I believe. At least I remember being told differently. Did the government lie to me about it?

Apparently, the Navy Yard shooter had a secret clearance and, also had a less than honorable discharge from the Navy. I was told when I started government contracting that could not happen and that only honorable discharges were eligible for clearances.

Next I heard that because he was a contractor he didn’t face the same scrutiny obtaining a clearance as a civil servant. I don’t believe that is true either. The government processes all clearances, the contracting company only submits a person for a clearance. The government may contract the investigation out to a separate contract company; however, the same standards apply to civil servants and contractors. To get a clearance, you are basically signing your life away and giving up any idea of privacy to the government. They are allowed to look into everything and leaving out important stuff like arrests and mental issues is supposed to be disqualifying. I have to wonder How his incidents in Seattle and Houston, plus his so called PTSD were not discovered. All that, along with the less than honorable discharge, should have been disclosed when he filled out the clearance paperwork and that it wasn’t discovered in the investigation is, IMHO, is a failure of the investigators, which I believe falls back on the government.

My next thing is how did he get a gun into the Navy Yard. It’s supposed to be safe, it’s a gun free zone. Why were the DC police and the national park service call in? Where was the Shore Patrol and the on-site security? Heaven help us that our military is unarmed on our military bases. Why do we put our military and the good people who support them in criminal free zones?

Then there is the outrage over his purchase of a shotgun from from a Northern Virginia gun shop. The shop had to call in a NIC check (background check) for the firearms transfer and someone in the government had to approve it. There is no way any of the guns shops I know are going to short cut the process given the current scrutiny and risk their Federal Firearms License over a sale.

There’s a lot of blame game going around and a lot of stories are being told. Hindsight always seems 20/20, but not when it twisted with an agenda. As long as the facts continue to be twisted to conform to an agenda, these issues are not going to go away. We know the left is not on our side, as conservatives we need to call them on it every chance we get.