What we need is Leverage

Or how we might be able to get some RINO’s off the fence and start working for us.

I think one of the issues we have is many of us conservatives really don’t have the deep pockets to play in the political arena. It’s my belief that a the reason that Republicans go to DC to become RINOs is a combination of the media bubble and that conservatives as a whole really don’t have control of the campaign purse strings. That, my friends, is leverage we can’t buy.

That said, the leverage we do have is votes and they are more powerful than money or what any news hack can write. We just don’t use them very well IMHO, So, I thought about how to use that influence in a more powerful way and I think I have something that is worth exploring.

I am in Mike Turner’s district in Ohio, even though I work in Northern VA, and I also know that John Boehner’s district wraps around Turner’s and goes up into my hometown of Troy. I also know Troy has a very active Tea party group and that a lot of Boehner’s constituency is very conservative and a lot of people there are fit to be tied. I can’t say I blame them either. So, what to do?

Making the assumption that the goal of people like Boehner is to stay in power, then maybe the answer is to make it clear we can take it away. It’s not enough to primary the guy, cause he’d win the primary and he’s still in a safe district. I think we actually have to be willing to put a 3rd party, conservative candidate in the general. It’s a poison pill, but I think he’s know conservatives are serious. Basically, straighten up, or you’re out, and once you’re out you’re done.

It’s not a perfect strategy by any means and It’s not for all districts. Only districts that have a strong conservative base with a RINO in office. If they perceive conservatives are serious, we’d have out leverage to finally influence the RINOs. If not, we swallow the poison pill and take them out.

There are downsides to this plan. The press and liberal operatives could try to influence the issue to their favor. We’d have to be careful not to fall for any subterfuge. (and you know it’d be coming.)

It’s just a thought I had and I thought I’d share. We have to do something different – if we keep doing what we done, we’ll keep getting what we got.

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