FoP Endorses Sherrod Brown, Say What

The Ohio FoP endorsement of Sherrod Brown is just more proof that union leaders are completely out of touch with the rank and file, and do no represent their interests. I happen to know several police officers and they have a very low opinion of the man. I would bet in a state wide poll of LEOs Josh Mandel easily beats Brown.

In my not so humble opinion, I believe this to be further evidence of the corruption of union leadership that they would endorse an man who policies and voting record are the most liberal in the Senate. I believe Brown would throw the rank and file under the bus in a heart beat, but, as long as he gets their union dues for his campaign, I doubt he cares.

LEOs are some of the best people I know. They have a very tough job and they deserve our gratitude. It is a shame to see their good name besmirched by the very people they elected to represent them.