Deja vu All Over Again. (or how to lose Ohio)

I’m sitting here on a Monday night just after dinner when yet another Obama commercial comes on USA Network. I’ve seen about 3 of these a night on the nights when I’m watching TV. I have yet to see a Romney or a anti-Obama ad.

The issue at hand is we are losing the narrative in a must win state. It’s Deja vu because it reminds me exactly of what happened with the SB5 referendum last year. If conservatives would have set the narrative from the get go instead of having to defend against the lies put out by the unions, etc., that could have come out differently.

So here, once again, in a state Romney must win, he’s let Obama set the initiative. It won’t matter if Romney spends 5 times as much from September until November if the narrative is set. How come we always react and never attack. It’s like Romney is trying to lose. Like McCain and SB5 all over again.