The Problem IS Ohio Issue 2

I happened to catch Debbie “the conservative teacher from Cincinnati” on Hannity today.  (I agree with Hannity she was probably a “seminar” caller)  You see, she is a teacher and thinks SB5 was bad for teachers, firemen and police, and, of course, she wants Issue 2 repealed.  Personally, I don’t believe her reasoning is sound; however, I know a lot of people voting no on Issue 2 and you cannot discuss the facts with them.  (Vote no to repeal, yes keeps the law on the books.)

Debbie’s reasons were: 1. I might lose my job.  2. All teachers will take a big pay cut. 3. It’s not fair.  Her plea to Hannity was that in passing SB5, Kasich has turned Ohio back into a blue state.  I don’t know if that is true, but I do think SB5 being on the ballot may have repercussions in this off year election.

As far as her points, I think she is way off base.  If SB5 is repealed, I believe that teachers, police and firefighters are more likely to lose their jobs.  SB5 has allowed communities to get budgets back under control.  Repeal will increase costs, forcing more tax levies. Since people are pretty much taxed out anyway, in most communities the levies will fail.  When that happens, the aforementioned will see job cuts.

Debbie was also worried that without the protection of the union, she would have to live in fear of her job being eliminated.  Hey, welcome to my world.  Most of us go through our adult lives working without a safety net.  If she really is the good teacher she said she was, in a competitive job market, she should flourish.

Then there was the “my salary will be cut in half” comment.  Really?  Show me the proof.

Unfortunately, I know a lot of people who think like Debbie.  These people claim to be conservatives until it affects them.  Also, Ohio used to be heavily unionized state.  There are a lot of former auto workers (union members) who are sympathetic to other union members.  It does not matter to these people that these are public sector unions and that they have to pay for them with their tax dollars.  My mother-in-law is like that.  She drove a school bus (teamsters) and there is no discussing it with her.  Kasich’s bad, he’s a lier, damn the facts, she won’t hear it.

The problem with issue 2 is the affect it may have on other issues on the ballot.  Issue 2 may negatively affect issue 3, the national health care referendum.  I believe Issue 2 may have enough people revved up to vote against it.  This may help democrats get out the vote to repeal it.  Since off year elections are truly about turnout, this could mean that issue 3 goes down to defeat also.  If people see repeal as a referendum on Kasich and the republicans, it could have more ramifications down the road.

There is little time left, and these are big issues.  There have been little to no adds supporting Issue 2 or Issue 3.  Conservative Ohioans should be concerned.  Turnout is going to really matter in this one.