Why Erick? Why? Perry is the King of RINOs!!!

I must confess that I have the utmost respect for Mr. Erickson in his ardent quest to take the party back from the republican elites, who have besmirched our birthright as Americans. However, I cannot understand how he’s arrived at this unsettling conclusion to back a candidate of such a questionable reputation like Rick Perry. Governor Perry, based on his extensive record, is a crafty politician who has used lofty conservative rhetoric to further his own political career. However his tangible conservative achievements are extremely lacking. Let’s start out with the most glaring affront to conservative sensibilities, as captured in is his letter dated October 1st, 2008 practically begging the federal government to pass The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 or derisively known in most circles as T.A.R.P. You can see a copy of the joint letter below:


Clearly, Governor Perry is confused about the proper role of government, on the account that his Texas soaked up $22 billion in stimulus money from the federal government’s bailout package. During Perry’s 11 year tenure, Texas has run up a $13.4 billion deficit, which is 31.5% of the 2011 budget. The Lone Star state has the 3rd highest deficit in the entire country behind only California and Illinois. And his fiscal flaws are from his only transgressions against the citizens of Texas. Many of us are keenly aware of Perry’s involvement in trying ramrod the Transtexas corridor until the Texas legislature stopped him. We are also aware of his concessions to the illegal alien community as well as his cozy relationship with the corrupt officials of the Mexican government.

I think at the end of the day, we need to be willing to stand by our principles and nominate someone who doesn’t casually adopt our talking points when it is politically advantageous. Hopefully, Erick and others come to their senses as well, because this country is too valuable to simply throw it away on a politician who isn’t Barack Obama. I personally believe as stewards of this great nation that we’re better than that. Remember that political parties are essentially empty, lifeless vessels and we must imbue them with everlasting ideals. The support of a duplicitous scoundrel like Rick Perry ultimately would only nullify the hard, earnest work we’ve spent on restoring the founders’ vision.