At Least Tea Partiers Don't Burn American Flags Like The Democrats Do!

I find it very funny that Tea Partiers are considered terrorists by some people because it’s a fact that the real terrorists and threats to america are the left-wingers. The only people I have ever seen burn an American flag were left-wing Democrats. A lot of the times you can find them burning American flags at anti-war protests. The only people I have ever seen talk bad about the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Fathers are left-wing Democrats. They hate the Constitution and Founding Fathers because of the 2nd Amendment and because the Constitution limits some of there socialist plans. They try to always discredit the Founding Fathers by calling them racist slave owners or sexists and so on. I never hear right-wingers hating on the Constitution or Founding Fathers because they did not include a state religion in the Constitution or ban same-sex marriages. The left-wingers take it to the extreme when they can’t get there way. Talk about these people being tolerant like they claim to be. The fact is Tea Partiers are patriots and left-wingers are the most hateful anti-American people I have ever seen. Let’s take a look at some of the left-wing Democrats flag burning greatest scenes “left-wingers do the darndest things:”



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