100% FACT: The Left-Wing Will Destroy America and This Is How!

America in the future will go down the drain. This is a fact and it is due to the left-wing ideology! Left-wingers will in fact kill this country! I am a 24 year old who got involved in politics a year ago. I didn’t immediately know much about politics I did’t know which ideology to support so I heavily researched the conservative and progressive ideology’s and then chose which one I thought was overall better for America. I’m young and a very pragmatic person so you would expect me to lean more to the left but I don’t because I caught a huge flaw in the progressive ideology that will destroy America in the future.

On immigration left-wingers pretty much support open borders. They support people from other countries coming to America and living here and on government aid. In the future it is a fact that whites will be the minority in America. There are a flood of Latino immigrants coming in from Latin America and African-Americans are reproducing like crazy. Now since I’m pragmatic I looked at some facts within the white, black and Latino communities like education scores, crime rates, unemployment rates, poverty rates etc. so I could rank each race according to how good the overall race is. I ranked each race from 1st to 3rd with 1st being the best and 3rd being the worst and according to the facts the white race is ranked 1st, the Latino ‘s are ranked 2nd and blacks are ranked 3rd. These statistics also correlate to how well the countries represented by these races are doing. Look at the countries that are primarily white like America, Canada and European countries they are typically prosperous with lower unemployment and poverty rates. Look at the countries that are primarily Latino like Latin American countries they are on the poorer side with higher unemployment and poverty rates. Look at the countries that are primarily black like countries in Africa they are very poor with horrible unemployment and poverty rates. Look at the black and Latino communities in America they are primarily in bad shape with the black communities being the worst. Basically blacks and Latino’s are going to take over America and with the statistics of both races that is very very scary and with the left-wing’s immigration policies it will happen quicker. Among the minority groups the Latino’s will be the biggest. The left-wing will automatically accuse me of being a racist for saying these things but I don’t consider myself a racist I’m just pragmatic and stating the facts and I have black and Latino friends. Is it really racist to say the facts? When we do certain things we look at the facts first to make decisions and that is all I am doing. And also I don’t hate anyone because of there skin color I don’t like people with bad characters like people who are criminals, immoral, extremely lazy, very irresponsible, have bad attitudes etc. and it just so happens a great amount of blacks and a decent amount of Latino’s fit this. I like many black and Latino conservatives because they are typically nice, responsible and productive people.

Now it’s pretty much a fact if things keep going the way they are then in the future the Democratic Party will become the ruling party in American politics because around 90% of blacks and 65-70% of Latino’s vote Democratic. They will become to powerful for the right-wing. As I have said before the Democrats immigration policies bring a lot of Latino’s to America and this equals a lot of votes for Democrats. The American economic system will end up turning completely socialist. The Democrats are going to massively redistribute wealth by raising taxes very high on the upper class. You would assume this would cause the rich’s money to flee America but it won’t because the Democrats will have the government controlling them. The Democrats will create some law that keeps the rich in America. Socialism=control. People below the rich are going to get free healthcare, free education, probably free housing and a bunch of other free stuff all bought and paid for by the upper class. We will probably have a living wage which is a minimum income necessary for a worker to meet basic needs. Socialism should be able to last for a while in America since we have a strong upper class the government will be able to milk money from the rich for a while before America goes broke. Democrats are going to completely disincentive the economy. Money is the incentive in the economy you need money to buy a house, car, food you need money to survive and you get money by working. If you give people free money and other things then do not be surprised when many cut down there working hours a lot or just completely stop working. And all this free stuff the government gives out to people is going to attract more outside people to America for all the wrong reasons. You’ll get even more Latino’s coming to America to exploit the country. If America gets filled with a lot of black and Latino citizens then do not be surprised when the American economy tanks just like how the black and Latino economies of African and Latin American countries have completely tanked! It’s that simple and if the left-wing Democrats are so rational, pragmatic and open-minded as they constantly claim they would support everything written in this article but I bet a large majority of them would not. America is basically screwed in the future. The only way to slow the problem is to seal off the border, have heavy security there, deport illegal immigrants and drastically limit legal immigration to America.

If you were to remove all blacks and Latino’s from America’s economic and education statistics then America would be doing excellent. Our unemployment and poverty rates would be pretty low. Our rank in education would improve a lot. The welfare state would shrink incredibly. America would be on top! The fact is capitalism has not failed America at all. A lot of blacks and a decent amount of Latino’s have failed capitalism even with a moderate welfare state. Capitalism requires self-responsibility and many blacks and Latino’s have proved they lack self-responsibility. It makes sense that so many countries that are heavily black or Latino are socialist and poor. It is funny but also very scary that so many Democrats support socialist/communist dictators like Fidel Castro. Are Democrats that nuts? Liberalism really is a mental disease! Actually right-wingers needs to stop calling Democrats liberals. They are not that liberal. Do you know what another word for liberal is? Freedom! Liberalism means freedom and America was founded on the ideology of liberalism. Democrats ended up stealing the word and created modern American liberalism but it ain’t that liberal. It is only liberal on some social issues for example supporting same-sex marriage is liberal because it is giving people more freedom. Opposing gun rights though is not liberal. On economic issues the Democrats are the complete opposite of liberalism. Republicans are very liberal on economics since they support a lot of economic freedom and on social issues they are a little liberal but more conservative since they want to conserve traditional institutions like traditional marriage which is what conservatism is about. The true form of liberalism today is called classical liberalism to separate it from the fake modern liberalism of the Democratic Party. Classical liberalism advocates civil liberties with a limited government under the rule of law and a laissez-faire economic policy. Libertarians are classical liberals and classical liberalism is what the country was founded on. Modern American conservatism is based on a lot of classical liberal principles. Overall modern American conservatism is more liberal than modern American liberalism. The appropriate name for Democrats is progressives, socialists and social democrats.

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