Perry gets to play with the best toys

I’m not a big Rick Perry fan, even if he gets in he won’t be in my top 3.  I doubt his leadership ability.  I think Pawlenty is clearly the best choice for us to pursue.  But having said that, I’m not some mindless cheerleader who turns off my mind and ears to any other choice other than mine.  And in this day and age, Perry brings the best toys to the game, that being he gets to trump the Texas economic numbers in stark contrast to Obama’s national numbers.  It may not be fair, but both men own those numbers.

Perry is also a talented politician, and I mean that in the positive and negative sense.  He has a Clintonian ability to see the issues ahead of time and position himself so he wont take the fall for it.  He has shown great skill in fundraising and has the ability to unite the right with fervor by simply giving a speech.  He exudes credibility even if its not earned.  Simply put, I think with the numbers he gets to own, combined with his political abilities I think he will be a force that Obama can’t take down.

Perry will also be an unstoppable force in the GOP primary.  His state’s numbers blows Pawlenty’s away, for those of us who want to go behind the scenes and see what really happened will find Pawlenty to be the better choice but alas the voting population isn’t in to details (case in point Obama).  He will be able to appeal to moderates but still can draw from a rock solid conservative base (this is what Romney has been trying to do for a nearly a decade now).

I guess my point here is that while I’m a Pawlenty guy, and I’m not going to waiver from that, but I still do recognize that goal number uno is to defeat Obama and I can clearly see how a poorly educated electorate is going to gravitate to Perry against Obama assuming the economic numbers don’t drastically improve.