Paul Revere, the last word

I think for me, and for many of us, the thing that is so frustrating for us conservatives is that we can’t seem to find our Paul Revere.  The message is simple, the message is applicable and it does correlate to today’s problems.  First the British taxed our sugar, then forced us to quarter British soldiers, then forced us to be taxed under the stamp act, then the raising revenue tax and finally they even went for our damn tea until we stood up and said ENOUGH!!!!

I think Palin’s bus tour was an attempt to go back and show Americans what it was that made this country become a country in the first place, and then show how those principles are needed again today.  But wheather its Palin, Bachmann or the tea party (or some other personality) that message never seems to get through to the entire town.  Paul Revere is known throughout history because he focused on his mission.  He didn’t fall of his horse, he didn’t get lost in town, he didn’t quit until everyone in that town have heard the warning and were able to prepare.  Even though Revere, like all our other founders, exhibited great courage and bravery to ride out that night, the ride itself was not about him.  The phrase “give me liberty or give me death” was not about Patrick Henry, it was about the message itself and it served as a rallying cry to all the citizens that now was the time to rise against a government that was no longer serving the people, just as Revere’s ride was.

What conservatism, and indeed this Country, needs is our Paul Revere.  Someone who not only knows what the message is, can say the message, and loves the message but someone that will carry the message on to everyone in this country in a way that we understand it and will use it to rise up.  Right now, I don’t see that person, and I think that is what is most frustrating to all of us.