Obama's new slogan: Winning the Future (thats because he has lost the present)

As Obama continues to roll out his WTF slogan that will no doubt carry over as his re-election slogan, I think it needs to be pointed out that Obama must look to the future because the present is a sour note for him on ALL accounts. 

Unemployment, really the only main economic measure that matters politically, remains at its high of 9%.  Jobs have not yet come back to this country, and the few that are trickling in here and there are not having much of an impact.  Thank you stimulus.  Obviously this is an F.

Health Care was Obama’s big push towards hope and change.  Well he got it, and the American people got it too….huge increases in their medical insurance.  All of Obama’s buddies are trying to opt out and most people have not seen any tangible benefit to this groundbreaking and unconstitutional legislation.  Another F

Energy is perhaps where Obama is the most vulnerable.  We all know that oil prices are spiking once again, and Obama has plenty of oil on his hands.  He was unable to mitigate the BP spill, but his moratorium on new drilling permits after the spill has left us way behind on exploration and production in this country.  Obama’s dithering on this issue has directly cost American jobs and everyone feels the pain at the pump. 

We were led to believe that Obama was going to restore America’s standing in the world.  Yeah that’s not going to well either as the Middle East falls apart in chaos, our Ditherer in Chief not only cant figure out what to do, he doesn’t even know which side he is on.  Now France and Great Briton are having to fill in the huge void in leadership this world is experiencing as a result of Obama.

Obviously I could go on and on with other issues, but those I believe are the main ones that will dominate this election cycle.  We must have a candidate who can keep the spotlight on Obama, because this is about him and that’s where he is the most weak.  Obama will talk about winning the future, but we need to point out that if we can’t save the present, there wont be much of a future left to win (just look at our current debt).