Turns out the World needs some Cowboy Diplomacy

On the campaign trail, Captain Hindsight (Barack Obama) wowed audiences with his uncanny ability to point out what the Bush Administration should have or should not have done based on the results that followed.  He incorrectly inferred that Bush made decisions on the fly without thinking through the consequences.

Now as President, Obama is finding he doesn’t have the superhero ability of hindsight to make decisions going forward.  He is famous for giving rousing speeches in places like Cairo about the need to work together and work towards democracy.  But when the people actually rise up, shed blood, fight, and call on the leader of the free world for support, he is stuck in the conference room overwhelmed with the complexity of the issue.  We saw this in the first month of the BP oil spill, Obama was unable to lead on the issue because he quickly found out that he wasn’t an expert on the issue therefore he had no clue what to do.

Obama, Clinton, and the helpless UN issue condemnation after condemnation on Libya for Gaddafi’s use of military force on this own people.  They even refer him to the committee on crimes against humanity, fyi to the UN:  he has much bigger pressing concerns right now and doesn’t really care what resolution you issue, or even a trade embargo.  Obama would probably like to at least use the idea of a no-fly zone over the country to give the rebels some form of protection, but as it appearedhe was nearing the issuance of the order, his generals had to give him a quick lesson in rules of engagement and how this no-fly zone could lead to war.  War is a four letter word to Obama and the mere thought sent him back into his bunker in DC, hudded around his advisers as they weed through the complexity of the issues while those who are fighting for freedom wish for the days of the cowboy.