Alabama Governor caught saying what he believes

The media, the left, and the word police are after a new target this morning as the express “outrage” that newly sworn in Alabama Governor Robert Bentley said to a Church that you are not my brothers and sisters if you have not accepted Jesus as your savior.  They say its ok to be a professing Christian and be a legislator, but make sure you practice your faith on your own time.

The ironic thing about this is Bentley was on his own time, he was speaking to a Church, and it was not a political pep rally.  Most democrats would assume that the only possible reason for ever setting foot into a Church would be for political gain, but maybe, just maybe Governor Bentley not only professes to be a Christian but he actually believes it.  Quick cue the Anti-Defamation league (they are the ones outraged).  Can he be fair to everyone if he believes this, they say?  The answer if of course he can, he is simply stating a well known fact from the Bible, something which I guess he not only says for political reasons but also actually believes in and adheres to.

The Apostle Paul must be considered a malcontent is this time, as he was in his time, since he wrote to his “brothers in Christ” over and over.  The Bible is very clear that those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior and have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are brothers and sisters in Christ.  It is not something that Bentley is saying that somehow says we are better than everyone else.  He is not saying that Christians deserve preferential treatment nor is he even stating something that is condescending and arrogant to non-believers (those that believe know that their is nothing in that to find self pride in).  He is simply stating that he is part of a very special family and would invite anyone who would want to join to come.  I applaud Governor Bentley for saying what he believes in without being afraid, this should be a rallying call for all of us to practice what we believe in.

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