Joe Straus Wins Big, Tea Party shows its lack of muscle

Over a month ago, it was rolled out on here by Erick that Redstate was going to put their political muscles behind ousting Joe Straus as the Texas speaker of the house.  It was said that this was a necessary war because Strauss had a 100% rating from NARAL and he was a compromise choice the last session when the party split was 77-75.  With the new republican majority being now 99, it was assumed that we can only support those that pass our purity tests and therefore they announced a war on Strauss.  I said back then, and I was vilified for not drinking the koolaid, that this was a very stupid idea mainly because it wouldn’t work.

Today, the Republican, and thats GOP mind you, caucus overwhelmingly supported Strauss for a second term effectively ending what was a very weak, sloppy, and feeble attempt by Chisim and Taylor for Speaker of the House.  Strauss got 70 of the 100 republican reps vote in the party caucus.  I am a lifelong conservative and Texas Republican also active in my parties politics down here, I will be long after this little drive-by RINOIng is forgotten.  But I can only hope that somewhere, somehow there will be a lesson to learn from this.  And that is, instead of crucifying and angering the Speaker of the Texas house, why not support buy persuade him instead?  It seems that Redstate is taking a turn from the motto of fighting to win, and now it being that it isnt whether we win or lose its IF why fight that counts.