Biden thinks tax cut extention for rich "morally troubling"

I like Joe Biden because he seems to be missing the basic liberal filter that most liberals have.  By that, I mean he really tells us what he, and they are thinking.  Sunday on “Meet the Press”, Biden shows us how we don’t even share the same dictionary with liberals when he said that the tax cuts to the rich are “morally troubling”.  The last time I heard that phrase used in a way foreign to my thinking was during the health care debate when the liberals argued that heath care coverage is a moral right everyone should have.

So lets look at this vast canyon between what conservatives and liberals mean when they use the word morality.  The simplest and clearest definition I can think of for morals is the distinction between right and wrong.

1.  Abortion-  Conservatives would say that since your heart must stop beating in order for you to be officially deceased, so then would it follow that once you heart begins to beat, even in the womb, you are officially a human being.  Therefore, terminating our most innocent of life (that which hasn’t even been born) is morally reprehensible and your conscience deep down screams this to you.

-Liberals will say no, the real moral argument should be framed around weather or not the woman should endure the physical and financial pain of bearing this child as her free choice.  If the child is going to be born into a single parent home with little to no income, its better off if that child never sees the light of day than endure the hardships of life that await it.

2.  Social acceptance-Conservatives argue that everyone should be treated equally under the law regardless of race, sex, religious creed, or sexually orientation.  We understand that certain groups of people face a tougher hill to climb in their trek for life/liberty/ and happiness, but its not the government’s role to even the playing field with regulations.

-Liberals believe that equality does not mean everyone should be treated equally, but rather that everyone has the same equal chance at success that someone else has.  In that, its the governments moral role to even out the playing field.

3.  Taxes-Conservatives believe that you should keep as much as possible from what you earn regardless of the total amount you take home. 

-Liberals would say that this country was one of the main reasons a rich person became rich, so because of that he is morally obligated to give back to government in a much higher proportion than those who are lower than his income class.  This enables the government to further level the playing field for everyone.

4.  Foreign Policy-Conservatives believe that the USA should promote its version of democracy throughout the world wherever possible.  Its also a moral obligation on the part of the USA to defend itself from all enemies that may want to harm it.

-Liberals say that who are we to push our form of government on other countries?  They should choose as they like even if its dictatorship or theocracy.  For those enemies that want to harm us, our moral obligation is to figure out what it was that we did to anger them and to strive to rectify that wrong for them and avoid any kind of conflict.

With such a vast difference on the basic tenets of morality as it relates to our government, no wonder we see them as perverse in their view of morality and vise-versa.  The media wants to make us believe that this country is pretty close when its all said an done, but that ideologues on the right and left are the ones causing this country to be so divided, but when one simply looks at each side’s definition of morality, its clear why we are divided.