Don't Ask, Dont Tell, Don't Care

As the loony left and Senate Democrats are in a mad scramble to get the votes to pass a repeal of DADT, I and I think many Conservatives and Independents ask rhetorically…”who cares?”  If you were to really press me for an answer I would say what is wrong with the system as it is now?  The social liberals who are simply out for blood think this is a landmark deal.  They literally loose sleep over this at night.  They are ready to cast out Obama from “one of them” if he doesn’t follow through with his promise and repeal it.

So what would happen if they repeal it?  I don’t think much would happen.  A recent survey of the troops indicated they thought the same.  This issue isn’t about whether or not gays should serve in the military, they already are, but it is about how “out” they can be while still serving.  I’m sure there will be some isolated cases of some rather flamboyant members flaunting this new ruling and causing a scene, but other than that what could possibly change?

My solution on this is to use it as a big bargaining chip for legislation that we really do want.  Obama is right in the midst of the left’s furry right now and he needs something like this to get him out of it.  As such, he may be willing to compromise on other legislation that is curial to the Conservative movement if he can get a quick passage of DADT.  I think we should use this legislation, and the left’s hysteria over it, to further our cause on other points that we do feel strongly about.