Deal, or No Deal?

In an effort to show everyone that the GOP is open to working with the President and to avoid even a temporary increase in taxes on Jan. 1st, Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders brokered a deal with the President.  No one can say that the GOP is just sitting in the corner saying no to everything and causing a recessionary crisis, ok check.  But now the liberal wing of the Democrat party is striking back at Obama and this could give the GOP a chance to get out of this ever growing porkulus and keep the high ground of sticking to the original deal.

The communist inside the democrat party are outraged at the estate tax deal.  They want a much higher rate and lower exemption.  It appears that this is something that they are going to force as a change to the original deal.  If they do this, the primary framework of the deal brokered with Obama has been changed and the Republicans can get out of this ever growing porkulus deal that Reid and Pelosi are not done feasting on.

We could say that they should vote this down right now as is, and there is a point to that.  But the GOP leaders gave their word to Obama when this was brokered and while that might not mean anything to the Dems, it is important for the Republicans to stick to their word and ethics.  But I call on all Republicans to go against this deal as soon as any of the primary principles are changed.