The Regressives go back to the tired old playbook

The word liberal has become toxic as evidenced by liberals preferring to be called “progressives” instead of liberals.  Conservatives are proud of their name and see it as a compliment when someone calls them a conservative.

With this latest tax policy fight, these new “progressives” have unveiled themselves as regressives with their class warfare.  There is nothing new or different about what they are saying, history has a name for these people and its called Bolsheviks.  They are the elite, they are the wealthy, yet they have decided that since they can’t win on debating ideas and policies, they must stoop to the lowest form of political debate, the “us vs them” mentality of class warfare.  This is the same old tired playbook dictators and tyrants have used for thousands of years now to gain power.  Divide and conquer, the evil rich are trying to steal your fair share and if you don’t vote for us, they will win.

I’m looking for our GOP leaders to stand up to this regressive thinking and be unafraid to call it what it is and put it in its historical perspective.  These snake-oil salesmen are frauds and they are showing their cards at this point, but in order to vanquish them we need someone to stand up and articulate exactly what they are doing and why.  They have put the ball on the tee, its adjusted to just the right height, now its time for us to swing and hit it out of the park, but we must swing or the opportunity will pass.