MSM Misses Point on Freedom Memos

The recent release by the Obama administration of memos addressing interrogation methods has the media up in arms. Their indignation is simply a waste of ink, effort and liberal intelligence.  All their release has proven is that Bush and his administration kept Freedom right here at home.

These Freedom Memos overwhelmingly indicate great care was taken in reviewing current law and treaties as well as internationally accepted definitions of torture.  Several methods were removed from the table, no doubt because they did not pass the tests the experts were applying.

The media and liberal lawyers pretty much ignores the 9 lesser techniques due to their lack of shock value.  However, the focus they place on waterboarding is exaggerated.  It usually refers to the technique as being near-drowning as opposed to what the memos call “simulated-drowning”.  B I G difference.  Near drowning would likely entail submerging the head into the pool or tub as opposed to lying above the pool with water then being poured over the face.

Have you ever soaked in the tub with a warm wet wash cloth over your face?  Your breathing is restricted and it can help you relax some…the concept is the same here, except water is briefly poured over the cloth and the person-of-terror cannot simply remove it to breathe more freely.

Also, the MSM all but ignores the fact that many of our military have undergone the same experience as our friendly neighborhood terrorist.

If the US of A is guilty of Torture in these instances, doesn’t it stand to reason that we, as a country, are guilty of it as well on our very own citizens?  Will the A-CLU-eless lawyers sue all past administrations going back who knows how far?