The Best Answer To A Question Is An Attack On The Questionnaire For Democrats

“A plumber is the guy he is fighting for!”

As the crowd laughs, one thing is apparent, Obama is an elitist and his supporters (at least in that crowd) are hypnotized by stupidity.Let me set up the situation that Obama walked right into. Joe was outside tossing a football around when Obama came walking down the street. Joe went to the edge of his property and asked Obama a REAL question, or comment depending on how you look at it. Joe simply states that if he buys this business he will be making $250,000 a year and Obama’s tax plan will kill his business. Obama responds that it’s not that he wants to hurt Joe, it’s that he wants to help those that are less fortunate (with Joe’s money). Then he stated “I believe, when you spread the wealth around (socialism) it’s good for everybody”.

Quinn, of the War Room, put it very eloquently when he said “You take two guys on either side of a picket fence. On one side you have Joe the plumber who’s dream is that he works his butt off and wants to grow a business, hire more people and retire comfortably. On the other side you have Barack Obama who’s dream is that he has worked very hard himself, wants to create more jobs and raise taxes and is craving a position of power. Say what you want, the difference here is that Obama can confiscate Joe’s dream to achieve his own”.

Thing is, in this video you can see Obama screw one very major thing up, Joe said that he WOULD BE making $250,000 a year IF he bought the company. Here though, Obama says “How many plumbers you know that make $250,000 a year?!” This is typical of any democrat though, when a question is too tough OR reveals the true plans of the politician, instead of confronting the question head on and taking responsibility they opt to demean and tear down the person that asked the question. This is not about Joe the plumber, the fact is that this question was from MIDDLE AMERICA and could have been asked by anyone.

It makes you wonder, if the democrats really represent middle America, why is it that they are steam-rolling a representative of that demographic? Even better, why are people in that demographic supporting that decision?

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